Full name

Joy E MacMillan


Artist, Crafter


Philadelphia, PA


I like to make things with my hands, and I have a knack for drawing and painting. Let me know if you have a project you’d like for me to work on with/for you.


I've been creating things since before I could form proper sentences.

When I was a child I would draw things for family, friends, teachers and classmates. I'd spend hours building sculptures that I hoped animals would nest in, out of sticks in the woods. I would watch in awe as my mother used the sewing machine to create finger puppets and Christmas stockings - and I knew I wanted to create for others too; to spread that creative energy. The feeling made me dizzy with excitement.

As a teenager I began working more with craft elements and I became interested in card making and other paper crafts. I also took up life drawing classes - the human form is so diverse and yet set on some basic principles such as skeletal structure. All different shapes and sizes. Life drawing taught me to really look. To not just draw, but to really look and see what I'm trying to capture.

In my 20's I went to Art College in Lincoln (England, UK). I started to shape my visual signature and began development in visual communication on digital platforms. I balanced the digital by exploring traditional painting, sculpture, gift basket making, and leatherwork. I cannot boast that I am proficient in all of these, even now, but I display what I create here on my site and you're welcome to evaluate for yourself.

Now I'm 32 years old and I live in Philadelphia (PA, USA). I love this city! I work with mobile technology daily, but my primary job is not specifically art related. It's important to me that I continue to work with art and acquire projects to keep my creative juices flowing.

Art has been a constant in my life and I have developed (and will continue to hone) skills in drawing, painting, and crafting in multiple mediums - they are lifelong assets that I value dearly.

With all of this in mind, if you'd like to contact me about putting my skills to use on a project, or you would like to commission me to do work for you (ie: portraiture, character design, digital painting, etc), please click the Contact link and I should be back in touch within a day. Thank you for visiting my portfolio!


Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Art


Photoshop, Woodburning, Ground-up Gift Basket Making, Custom Gifts, Decorative Boxes, Naive Leatherwork